Commitments To Our Clients

The most important commitment lawyers can make to their clients is to provide them with the best possible legal representation. When we do that right, we do it with care, consideration and respect. We create relationships that last a lifetime. To our clients, Hendler Flores Law makes the following commitments:


  • We will work hard to earn your faith and confidence.
  • We will treat you with care, consideration and respect.
  • We will make ourselves available to you when you need us.
  • We will not charge you a cent until we make a recovery in your case.
  • We will never lose sight of doing what’s in your best interests, not ours.
  • We will get to know you and your concerns so we truly understand what’s important for your future. And we will base our case strategy on what matters most to you.
  • We will fight hard to recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We will invest the time and resources to effectively make your case to the court and to the jury. When we think it makes sense, we will bring in strategic partners to build the strongest possible legal team.will listen to what’s important to you.
  • We will keep you informed of developments in your lawsuit. We’ll take the time to explain the process as it’s unfolding so you understand what’s happening in your lawsuit. We will explore your legal options with you. We will ask for your opinions and viewpoint before making decisions about how to proceed on major issues in your case.


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