Hendler Flores Law is based in Austin, Texas; but, we battle injustice wherever we find it—across the country and around the world. Our reputation for success is hard-earned and well deserved. And that reputation connects us to clients, lawyers, and people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We are there when they need trial lawyers with the compassion, skills, and resources to handle a complicated case involving serious injuries. 


We are a national practice, with lawyers who are licensed in multiple states and strategic partners that we file cases with all over the US. In-house, we have attorneys licensed to practice in: 

  • Texas
  • New Mexico
  • Pennsylvania
  • Illinois
  • Oklahoma
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • Washington D.C.
  • South Dakota
  • California

Our national practice has provided us with the opportunity to help families all over the country tell their stories and stand up to injustice. In a New Mexico lawsuit, we represented the parents of two teenage sisters killed in a drunk driving crash after two separate restaurants over-served an already intoxicated customer who then rammed his truck into the family’s car where the girls were riding. The patriarch of that Navajo family asked for guidance from his childhood friend, who was the former Attorney General of the Navajo Nation. That tribal leader recommended that his friend hire Hendler Flores Law and their New Mexico strategic partner Zackeree Kelin of The Kelin Law Firm. The former Attorney General knew of our work in connection with a case we handled for a Navajo family in Arizona that made a positive impression on him.

In a different case filed in California, we have a client who is a former Vice President of The University of Texas. His sister, a California resident, died in Nevada as a result of lap band surgery that was negligently performed in California. The defendant company’s wrongdoing was exposed in a Dateline television episode, which detailed an ongoing criminal investigation that has resulted in the company’s indictment on federal charges. Even though the lawsuit had to be filed in California, our client selected Hendler Flores Law to handle the matter because he knew of our strong reputation. We partnered with one of our California strategic partners to work with us on the case and the litigation is still continuing.

Closer to home, our national reputation even serves us well in Texas. In one case, for instance, our client’s 19-year-old son was shot and killed by a Bexar County, Texas (San Antonio) sheriff’s deputy. He was unarmed, drunk and home on leave from the Army, wandering down a country road late at night. When his mother learned of his death, she immediately phoned her cousin who was a criminal forensic scientist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore; the cousin asked a Maryland lawyer she knew to find a qualified Texas lawyer to handle the case; he recommended that the family hire a lawyer at Hendler Flores Law.


Scott Hendler’s background and interest in international human rights law has taken him outside the country on numerous occasions. Hendler Flores Law has significant experience representing foreign nationals in lawsuits filed in U.S. courts. 

Costa Rica, Ecuador & Guatemala

Early in his career, Scott represented a group of Costa Rican banana workers who were harmed by exposure to DBCP by US-based multinational corporations after it was banned in the US. 

After the Costa Rica case was settled, Scott was contacted by Central American human rights groups and Latin American labor unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO. They asked him to represent thousands of banana workers in Ecuador & Guatemala who were injured by exposure to DBCP. Scott has been fighting for justice on behalf of these workers for almost 30 years in a case that has been to two State Supreme Courts as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. The litigation is still ongoing in what is possibly the most litigated case in US history. 

The Netherlands

HFL filed a lawsuit in federal court in Texas on behalf of a young Dutch widow and her family. Her husband, a Dutch national, was killed while attending a popular Austin music festival because the organizer chose not to take measures to prevent drunk drivers from driving through established festival zones.

Our firm was hired after the victim’s family spoke with a lawyer in Amsterdam, who contacted a well-known Boston trial attorney, who then referred that lawyer to the one firm he believed was right for the case: Hendler Flores Law. The Boston lawyer knew of us because of our national reputation for successfully resolving difficult, high-value cases.

El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

While struggling to get homeless children off the streets in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, non-governmental organization (NGO) workers discovered that multinational glue companies, including a US manufacturer, were deliberately turning a blind eye to the rising number of Central American adolescents addicted to sniffing glue. 

The shoe glue was a toxic cocktail of chemicals, yet the U.S. multinational company marketed it in small cans with holes in the center, making it easy for children to sniff directly out of the can. To capture the children’s attention, the company placed cute cartoon characters on the label. Children in Honduras were so closely associated with using the U.S. manufacturer’s product that they were known as Resistoleros, named after the brand name of the glue − Resistol.

One of the NGOs working in the region sought out Scott Hendler and implored him to get involved. Not surprisingly, he heeded the call. To learn more


It’s not always easy representing clients across the country or halfway around the globe. But our reputation for tackling challenging cases involving serious injuries brings us clients from all sorts of circumstances. We’re proud to be recognized by both our clients and by referring lawyers as skilled and experienced trial lawyers who won’t shy away from a challenge, even if it’s not exactly in our backyard.


If you are in need of fearless, bold, and experienced trial lawyers to handle a complex national or international personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, contact us today. We’ll discuss your case with you and give you our best advice on what your options are, and how we think you should proceed—all for free. If you decide to hire us, our fee is paid only if we recover for you, so you’re never out of pocket and there’s no risk. Let us help.