Mesothelioma Asbestos Cancer

Mesothelioma. From the moment you heard the diagnosis, you have probably been overwhelmed with emotions and unsure where to turn for help. In addition to all of the medical concerns racing through your mind, you might also be wondering about your legal options.

Obtaining the Mesothelioma Compensation You Deserve

Hendler Flores Law can help. Our firm has decades of experience in Texas and throughout the United States representing families affected by this terrible disease. We know what it takes to obtain the best possible recovery under the law for mesothelioma clients. 

Asbestos exposure is the sole cause of mesothelioma. Even a small amount of asbestos exposure for a short period of time can years later result in mesothelioma cancer. Tragically, many companies knew of its dangers long before they stopped mining it, using it in products or otherwise taking safety measures to protect employees from workplace exposure to asbestos fibers. 

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, we can help you determine the source of your asbestos exposure and get you the compensation you deserve. 

There are two legal options available for mesothelioma victims: 

Asbestos Trusts. Some asbestos companies have set aside money in trust funds for mesothelioma victims that do not require them to file a lawsuit. The process of getting compensated through these trusts is difficult to understand, however, so having an experienced lawyer increases your chances of getting a good recovery. 

Mesothelioma Lawsuits. For other companies who have not set up asbestos trusts, we can represent you in a mesothelioma lawsuit. 

Legal Representation Focused on You

As a small, boutique law firm, we do things differently than the large firms that process hundreds of cases batches like they’re on an assembly line. At Hendler Flores Law, we take the time to get to know each and every client individually. Then we build your case from the ground up, like a custom home, designing each part of it with your needs and goals in mind.

Your story is unique and so too will be the way we work up your case. We are committed to building a strong argument in your case, making tough demands on the defendants, and securing the legal solutions you want and need. Your goals form our strategy. They may be:

  • Wanting to make sure what happened to you or your loved one never happens to anyone else.
  • Holding companies accountable for their negligent actions that lead to the asbestos exposure. 
  • Needing support and helpful resources after a mesothelioma diagnosis or death.
  • Wanting to be heard and have your day in court. 
  • Wanting financial compensation for medical costs, loss of income, and other expenses resulting from your mesothelioma diagnosis. 

Whatever the case may be, our personal injury attorneys represent you based on your interests, not ours.

Going the Extra Mile

Some might call it our Achilles heel, but we stick to our principles. It might be easier to move our clients through the legal process like an assembly line, but that’s not how we work. We care about our clients’ stories and we believe it’s our job to honor them.

  • We’re tenacious. If it takes years until you have achieved the satisfaction you are entitled to, we stick with you. 
  • We’re resourceful. If we have to file your case in multiple jurisdictions throughout the country, we have the strategic relationships to do it. 
  • We’re creative. If we think a new legal theory supports your claim, we don’t shy away from tackling uncharted territory.
  • We’re practical and realistic. We’ll tell you the truth about the pros and cons of your case and what courses of action make the most sense based on our years of experience in mesothelioma litigation.

Hendler Flores Law is committed to securing the maximum recovery for you and your family in your mesothelioma lawsuit. And doing it in a way that honors and advances your individual interests and the needs of your family. 

Your Story Matters. Learn About Your Legal Options.

If you have questions about the legal remedies that may be available to your family in your mesothelioma case, contact HFL today for a free consultation. Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers with decades of experience in mesothelioma litigation. Email us at or call toll-free 1-800.443.6353

For additional facts and information about mesothelioma, as well as resources to help you and your family cope with the disease, we encourage you to visit the CDC website.

To download a fact sheet about Mesothelioma, click here.