What Our Clients and Colleagues Say

At the end of the day, what matters most to us is the respect and appreciation of our clients. One of the things that sets us apart from other law firms is our genuine concern for our clients and our deep commitment to honoring their wishes and telling their stories. So when a client takes the time to drop us a line and let us know that they appreciate our efforts, it means the world to us.

We value the respect of our colleagues, peers, and associates and are humbled by their endorsements. Their support, feedback, and partnership is not only vital to our success in achieving great outcomes for our clients but also to our larger purpose of making the world a safer place. 

Scott Hendler handled our famil[y’]s mesothelioma wrongful death lawsuit in a very professional and expert manner. … [H]ard-working and honest, … Scott was always available when we had questions and kept us informed throughout the process and counseled with us on all critical decisions. He showed true concern for our famil[y’]s loss and did an outstanding job investigating, providing expert witnesses and delivering evidence to substantiate the lawsuit and ultimately obtain compensation for my family. I would recommend Mr. Hendler to any family who has been through the pain of losing a loved one due to this horrible cancer.

Reggy Taylor, Client

Scott is an outstanding, highly ethical, extremely successful, passionate trial lawyer who will fight hard for his clients. I highly recommend retaining Scott and his firm.”

Mark Kitrick, Present, American Board of Trial Advocates - Ohio Chapter

I have known Scott for many years, both as a friend and as a professional colleague, and have found him to be of the highest integrity and ability. I recommend him heartily.”

Thomas A. Albright, Assistant Attorney General

“I was at a loss about how to proceed after my husband died from exposure to asbestos in 1993. Because his exposure came during his enlistment in the Navy, I didn’t know if it was possible to make the asbestos manufacturing companies responsible for his death. I was left with three young daughters, 12, 9, and 7 and my husband did not have any life insurance.

I had spoken with three lawyers and had pretty much given up. … Scott and all the people on his staff demonstrated a real concern for me and my daughters. We were not just a file number, but real people. Scott kept me abreast of every detail of our case. Thanks to Scott, my daughters were able to choose the colleges they attended and I did not have to worry about how tuition, room and board were going to be paid.

Scott and his people are in my daily prayers and I will continue to pray for him so that he can continue to help families just like mine.”

Mary Lopez, Client

“Scott and his colleagues provided what can only be called an outstanding level of service to me. He is a person of unparalleled integrity who takes a personal interest in the well-being of his clients and goes the extra mile and then some. I give Scott my highest recommendation.”

Mark Aylward, Client

Scott is a lawyer, and man, of the highest integrity and courage to do hard work needed for his clients. What makes him an excellent litigator is simple–He possesses a genuine pure heart and strength of conviction, coupled with passion and decades of experience to protect the rights and dignity of those he represents. Though an attorney myself with access to many top lawyers, when I was searching for someone to represent me personally in a civil claim, I naturally sought out Scott’s representation. It is my honor to highly recommend Scott and HenderLaw.”

Bangladesh Akhlaghi, Lawyer, Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author

“Dear Scott,

I know it has been a while since you were at my house in Orlando but I still really wanted to write to you and thank you. I honestly don’t know of an appropriate way to say thank you for what you did. … Thank you so much for offering my family your time and knowledge. Since that day, my dad has been so much happier because he can actually relax! I can’t even express how much my family has been through because of this, so what you did really meant the world to me. It was really great meeting you and spending time with you and my family together. I hope that you are doing well! Just remember how much I appreciate your hard work.”

Caroline Aylward, Client

Scott is an excellent attorney who is very knowledgeable in his field and who does a great job for his clients. Scott has a great reputation and is one of the leading lawyers in mesothelioma and hip replacement litigation. I highly recommend Scott to anyone who is seeking to hire an attorney who needs quality representation.”

Boone Almanza, Founding Partner of Almanza, Blackburn, Dickie & Mitchell LLP

“Dear Scott,

As a father and a grandfather, I believe I am qualified to say that your mother and father were very successful in raising you. I am not often at a loss for words, but how does one find a way to thank you for all you did for the family.”

James Aylward Sr., Client

“I’ve worked with Scott Hendler with Hendler Flores Law a few times in both his expertise and non-practicing areas, and every time he has exceeded my expectations. He’s not only extremely knowledgeable when it comes to practicing law, but he was able to recognize my problem immediately and act quickly like within minutes. That’s not an exaggeration.

One of my issues wasn’t something he dealt with or was an expert in, but he was able to assist me and I got the outcome I was hoping for.

What amazes me is that Scott has such a gifted ability to accurately and quickly examine situations and determine the best course of action.

Time was such of the essence for me and he went above and beyond. He was able to alleviate my concerns and that had greatly encouraged me. If you need an attorney that is shrewd, empathetic and quick acting, then reach out to Scott Hendler. I can’t emphasize enough how well he knows his way around the legal system. I was so relieved with the outcome that I was finally able to get a good night sleep after having so many bad ones. He’s trustworthy and caring and that’s hard to find when you’re looking for an attorney.

Simply put, he’s a magnificent attorney who will go to great lengths to defend you and get the outcomes you’re looking for. He’s so kindhearted and he truly believes in helping people, and my only regret was not reaching out sooner to avoid all the stress I experienced.”

Leah S., Client

I have had the honor of working with Scott on cases involving defective products including mesothelioma cases caused by asbestos exposure. Scott is a skilled and tenacious lawyer who cares deeply about his clients. Anyone who is thinking about hiring Scott or associating him as co counsel should be confident that you are making a wise choice.”

Chris Placitella, Trial Lawyer & Consumer Advocate

“Mr. Scott Hendler won the case for us, and won it beautifully.  He showed us what it is to be an outstanding attorney.

Our case involved real estate sales abuse by a builder.  The first time we briefly described the case to Mr. Hendler, he quickly grasped the key facts and made clear judgments by asking critical questions.  He demonstrated a deep understanding and knowledge of the consumer protection law – even if his major professional field is not in real estate — and his powerful writing skills.

What made us admire Mr. Hendler even more, is a principle he held to against those corporations who take advantage of regular people.  He would not compromise a condition required by the opposite side to keep the case confidential, as an exchange for an agreement.  We very much appreciated and respect his principles, and 100% supported his decision.

We were very lucky to have Mr. Hendler’s help with our case.  Our society and the people need more outstanding attorneys like him….”

Ying Hong, Client

I have known Scott for more than 25 years and have rarely met anyone who can apply a similar combination of intelligence, drive and compassion in the search for justice on behalf of his clients. Scott is internationally recognized for his diligent representation in complex litigation and has earned the respect of his clients and counsel on all sides. I can recommend Scott and the attorneys at HendlerLaw without reservation.”

George Novak, President & CEO at National Air Carrier Association

Scott Hendler is one of the premier mass tort lawyers in Texas. He is a visionary about emerging product liability issues and litigation. Scott is a terrific lawyer and one to whom many of us around the country seek to involve in cases of importance.”

John Leighton, Trial Attorney

Scott has founded a cutting edge law firm that puts their clients first. He is a visionary who never compromises the best interest of his clients.”

Garry Mauro, Partner, MAO Law

Scott and I have worked together on several cases, including mesothelioma cases. Scott is an outstanding trial lawyer and tremendous ally. He cares deeply about his clients and applies 100% of his effort on each of his cases. Scott receives my highest possible recommendation.”

Tom Owens, Attorney, Law Office of Thomas J. Owens