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At Hendler Flores Law, we have earned some of our most monetarily significant recoveries in mesothelioma cases. Mesothelioma is an aggressive, painful and terminal cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

In 2007, we achieved a significant settlement for a 58-year-old guidance counselor who developed mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos 40 years earlier. During a summer job, our client spent four months re-cutting the ends of asbestos cement pipe with a circular power wheel after the pipe was damaged in transit. Because our client’s asbestos exposure had occurred in California, we decided to file the lawsuit there along with our co-counsel Jeff Kaiser. Our case against the pipe manufacturer was so strong that we were able to settle out of court prior to trial. Although the settlement terms are confidential, the substantial settlement was the first of its kind against this foreign manufacturer of asbestos pipe.

In 1997, Scott Hendler represented the widow and 3 young daughters—ages 16, 14 and 11—of a decorated Navy Vietnam-era combat veteran who developed mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos while serving on a Navy warship in 1966. We represented this family along with our co-counsel Michael Brickman. Many of the asbestos companies settled prior to trial. Scott and his team then went to trial against Owens Corning Fiberglas, a company that made asbestos pipe covering commonly found on Navy vessels. The jury reached a verdict against Owens Corning in the amount of $13.8 million. The asbestos company waived its right to appeal the verdict and instead settled the case. This settlement prevented our client from having to wait what might have been years during the appeal process to receive the money that was owed to her in a timely fashion. After redutions for settlements and after deducting attorneys fees and expenses, the clients received $4.2 million.

At trial, the jury awarded $22 million in damages.

In 1997, Scott Hendler, along with Spencer Parris and the Ness Motley law firm, represented the family of Benjamin Baker, who died from mesothelioma. All of the defendants in the case settled except one, Owens Corning Fiberglas, which made a very popular asbestos pipe covering and block. At trial, the jury awarded $22 million in damages. The trial court reduced the verdict to a lower amount and then Owens Corning settled for close to $3 million, and the clients received $1.8 million after deducting attorneys’ fees and expenses. Our clients were very pleased to put the case behind them, take the substantial settlement and forego the possibility of a drawn-out appeal.


Other Injury Litigation

In 2007, the firm was hired to design a settlement strategy for two related families who lost children in a house fire. After a long-fought and complicated legal battle that included a Hendler Flores Law lawyer’s tour of a manufacturing facility in Mexico City and mediating between other lawyers on the same side fighting for control, the firm’s work laid the groundwork for an overall settlement in excess of $28 million. After fees and expenses, the families received of $15 million.

Hendler Flores Law helped lay the groundwork for an overall settlement in excess of $28 million.

In 2011, Hendler Flores Law represented a man seriously injured in a New Mexico truck crash whose wife had been killed in the crash. We filed a wrongful death lawsuit in New Mexico with our co-counsel Zackeree Kelin and Butch O’Neal. After obtaining the highest verdict of record in Gallup, New Mexico the defendant settled the case according to the terms of a settlement reached prior to trial for $5.1 million. The defendant paid the entire settlement amount with no possibility of appeal. After deducting attorneys’ fees and expenses, the client received $2.9 million.

Between 2010 and 2014, we represented the family of two teenaged girls killed by a drunk driver as they sat in the back seat of their parents’ car waiting for a red light. The driver had been drinking at two restaurants back-to-back for several hours before jumping into a pickup truck and speeding down the road, slamming into the rear of the family vehicle. We brought suit against everyone responsible and recovered a multiple of what a leading plaintiff’s lawyer in the local community predicted as the settlement value of the case. As part of the settlement, we helped establish a charitable foundation funded with an initial $250,000 separate and apart from the compensation paid to the family. The result we achieved for this family ranks as one of our proudest moments as a law firm.

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