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Handling a mesothelioma case on your own when the litigation is new to you is sort of like trying a case in foreign country when you don’t know the language. Mesothelioma and other asbestos cases have their own law and procedural rules in many courts. It takes years to learn the liability case against the many defendants, and even longer to learn the science. And if you want access to the best experts, you need a law firm that has those relationships in place because their time is in demand and they’re selective about who they work with. If you want your client to live to see his day in court, you need to get your expedited trial date and be ready to go within months. That takes a special kind of experience.


Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Mass tort litigation involving dangerous pharmaceuticals and medical devices involves a number of difficult legal and scientific issues. These include federal preemption, the learned intermediary doctrine, Daubert challenges to the admission of expert testimony and medical causation, and an understanding of the federal multi-district litigation process. The landscape is ever-changing as new drugs and devices come to market, new FDA announcements are made, and new Supreme Court decisions continually reshape the law.


Catastrophic Injuries

Few cases require more time and resources than those involving catastrophic injuries or death. Catastrophic injuries are life altering for your client—spinal cord injuries, injuries to the brain, loss of a limb or death. The cause is different in every case, making each one difficult and costly to investigate. The defenses are countless and hard fought. And you’ll need a small militia of experts to prove your case. You’ll want a partner who can marshal the resources necessary.


Serious Car Crashes

Serious car and truck crash cases occupy a landscape of their own. Your client’s injuries are devastating, meaning that stakes are high for all sides. The liability case requires a team of accident reconstructionists, engineers, product experts and lawyers who understand the “Rules of the Road”. And if it’s a trucking case, you’ll need someone to interpret the vehicle’s black box data. That’s just liability. Then you’ll need to prove causation and damages. In short, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.


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